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How to install django-tinymce WYSIWYG editor

Hello everyone !

So django tinymce is a small but useful rich text editor, which allow you to write a rich blog post...

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Setup PostgreSQL database for Django

When deploying a django project to production environment it is better to use PostgreSQL database. 

In the following tutorial we will go through the installation and configuration of both PostgreSQL and Django

step by step and e...

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Django adding spaces and quotation marks when pushing string to templat

Explain the problem

Environment :

  • Django: 2.1.1
  • OS: Linux

While working on a blog project, i was trying to set the title of the web pages to a dynamic value, i noticed that Django is adding spaces a...

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How to highlight source code with Tinymce rich text editor

In the post i will try to explain how to highlight source code using Tinymce with Django web framework.

If you didn't install Tinymce text editor, please check sghaier

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How to serve media file in Django production environment

Django does not server media files itself, this is the responsibility of whichever web server you are using in production.

The best options are:

  1. sghaier

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