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Pega Masterclass

Pega Masterclass
AWS None Lessons January 30,2023

Pega is a powerful low-code for workflow automation and AI-powered decisioning. Pega helps lot of organizations to digitalize their business processes. Pega is one of the leading platform in the BPM and CRM area.

This course introduces all the Pega topics using really simple and easy to understand lectures. The lectures are grouped in the right order for easy understanding and navigation.

I designed this course right from Installing the Pega personal edition, building  your first application, creating your first case, defining the Data model, designing the User Interface, configuring the Integrations, writing test cases, completing the deployment.

This course is not certified, accredited, affiliated with, nor endorsed by Pegasystems, Inc.

What you’ll learn

  • 57+ hours, 46 sections, 225+ Lectures
  • 28/01/2023: New lecture on hashing and encryption
  • Q&A with the myknowpega author
  • Periodic addition of new videos (Additional lectures section + new sections at the bottom)
  • Detailed advanced topics on Integration, SSO Authentication, background processing, test cases, Pega deployment manager deployments
  • Pega development from basics to advanced level
  • 5 sample videos to preview
  • Learn about the day-to-day Pega development activities

Who this course is for:

  • Pega job seekers
  • Pega freshers
  • Junior developers
  • Senior developers
  • Business architects
  • Testers

Operator ID / User account in Pega

1 Lessons 52m